Where do you find Happily-Ever-After?

Since I write romance, the HEA or Happily-Ever-After ending is a given. Or should I say, its the expectation or payoff of for the reader. Those who love romances don’t pick up one and think, gee, I hope the couple ends up Splitsville at the end of the book. NO. They want to believe that the hero and heroine will be together, happily, FOREVER.

Sounds more like a fantasy, right? I mean, how many people do you know have been married forever? The divorce rate is high and I know more people who get divorced than stay together.

As a married woman, I always get the question: how do you do it? Half of me wants to be snarky and say: well, men, you can’t live with them, and you can’t shoot them. But I almost always answer with a snarky truth, “he travels”. And trust me, there is no truer statement as I approach my 30th wedding anniversary this summer. Interestingly enough, my husband’s parents just celebrated 60 years of marriage. Holy fuck, that’s a long damn time!

But my father-in-law traveled too! LOL.

I always joke that my husband and I, if any two people were destine to be together, it’s us. The irony of our so called romance is hysterical. I mean he took me to see the movie Killing Fields on our FIRST DATE and on VALENTINES DAY. Seriously, I married that man. I should also say he’s the kind of man who, after me bitching about driving a second mini van, tells me one day he’s got to take the mini van for a day and comes home with my dream SUV. Kind of makes up for the Killing Fields. And lets be real here, I got excited the day he bought me a new washer and dryer for my birthday.

Most books I read, I read for the good feeling at the end. If its a thriller, I want the good guys to win and the bad guys locked up. If its a romance, well, I want the promise that our hero and heroine are going to be blissfully happy.

I have a book that comes out January 9, 2017. The book is sort of a Hatfield and McCoy family feud blended with a Romeo and Juliet only my heroine and hero don’t die at the end, cuz, you know, its a romance! Check out the blurb below.

A burnt-out warewolf cop…
An innocent human teacher…
Two weeks of passion…

Chaz Ferguson has sat on the Twilight Crossing Council for the last ten years, policing the paranormal world, making sure that injustices to humans as well as paranormal creatures are punished to the fullest extent of the law. There is nothing he loves more than his job. So, when he’s forced to take a vacation, he has no idea what to do with his time. Hi mother along with his boss, set him up with an appointment with Gerri Wilder at the Paranormal Dating Agency, telling him it will change his life.

Chaz doesn’t necessarily want to change his life.

But he is tired of the rat race and wouldn’t mind a warm female body, even if for only short period of time.

Daphne Jade hasn’t had good luck with men her entire life. She has a tendency to attract the whackos of this world. When she takes a date arranged by Gerri Wilder, she has no idea she’d be dating someone from out of this world. The paranormal realm was something she’d been sheltered from. She’d never met a werewolf, much less one being her soul-mate.

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