January 1 2018

To Resolution or Not to Resolution? That is the question!

I’ve always said the New Years is like a new day, so what’s the big deal? Obviously, I’m not into News Years Resolutions. To be frank, other than spending time with family, I’m not much into the holiday season, which is a birthday party on crack. Really, its one party after the other. I spent from the 22nd of December to the 30th in a perpetual state of “Party like its 1999”.

Ha! I knew a guy in HS who had a red corvette with a license plate that said 1999. Of course, the year I graduated from HS we were 15 years from the turn of the century, which at 17 is literally almost a lifetime away!

But I digress.


The topic is News Years Resolutions.

I don’t make them because every day is a fresh start. The moment you peel your eyes open and let the sun filter through your retina, you have the opportunity to stay the same, or be different. Every day is an opportunity to be the beginning of something spectacular. And even if it’s just another day where nothing special happens, or nothing bad happens, it was still a fresh start.

And since major Resolutions can be daunting and weigh heavily on our minds, why not focus on daily resolutions. Or better yet, daily goals. Today, I will do this or not do that. Simple right.

Ha! It’s called a planner! And I just cracked opened my new one.

Today’s resolutions or goals? I’ve got editing to do, this blog post, and watch at least 2 episodes of Mindhunter!


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