March 2 2017

Writing More than one Book at a Time? Is it possible?

It’s possible. And I do it.

When I tell people I work on more than one fiction book at a time I always get the same question: How to do you keep the characters straight and make sure they are different?

The key is the ability to put out of sight, out of mind…without losing the ability to dream about the characters and story.

The other day I was walking down the steps to our condo in high heels. My husband and I were on our way out to dinner with friends. As I came down the outside steps my husband said, “you look like you are drunk.”

I laughed and said, “I’m daydreaming about Delaney and Josh.”

He replies, “Who the F are they?” Of course, he knows they are two fictional characters, but one of the ways I working on character development, plotting, and pacing is by constantly visualizing the scenes in my head. I often type notes to myself in my phone so I don’t forget neat things that reveal themselves. I also don’t follow my mind exclusively because as I write, other things are revealed.

I almost always have two books going and sometimes three…

To Protect His Own
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Deadly Secrets
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For the last two months I’ve been writing the draft of DEADLY SEDUCTION, which comes out on 23 May, 2017. I’m about 50k into when I got the edits back on TO PROTECT HIS OWN, which comes out on 20 March 2017, so I had to stop the draft and go back to the other book. This is an easy transition for me because its the same world. Both books are in the NY State Trooper series. That said, I have to literally put Josh and Delaney out of my head.

Now, I just got my final Beta Read on THE BUTTERFLY MURDERS and I’m pondering going through that, making a few changes, then get back to DEADLY SECRETS…actually, I just made my decision. The former first because I can do that in a couple of days.

So, I’m really not writing two books at the same time, but I can put a draft on hold to deal with something else, flipping between the characters.

Back to the cave cave…


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January 16 2017

Where is your #happy place?

I’ve lived almost my entire life in Rochester, NY. I was actually born there. Moved to Wilton, CT when I was 1 until I was 3 where we moved to Albany, NY where I lived until I was 14. I spent every summer in Lake George, NY until I was 18ish, but lived in Rochester, NY from 14 to present…(almost 51).

I used to listen to people talk about season depression and I thought year right, winter is great. My husband and I were avid snow skiers by winter and water skiers by summer. We had a place on Owasco Lake for about 28 years and spent a good 10 winters skiing as much as we could at Bristol Mountain. I had my kids on skis/snowboards by the time they were 2 (on a harness…I had wicked strong legs snowplowing the whole way down). When number #2 kid decided he wanted to play hockey, it put a damper in our winter skiing. But in true Talty form, we switched gears and the ENTIRE family gook up hockey. Yep.

From there I spent a good 12 years or so in hockey rinks almost EVERY DAY! Weekends were nuts, traveling with 3 different hockey teams across two countries. Who needs sunshine? Who needs heat? I joked that at least I didn’t have to deal with the weather at like football, soccer, or lacrosse in Rochester. I just knew I was going to cold. Its why then invented UGG boots, just saying.

Then, one day, my kids grew up…WTF? Why!? We were having so much fun…

Now, you’re all asking what does this have to do with my happy place? Because being able to reach your happy place, wherever that is, helps changes in life go a little easier…a little smoother…

I’m so insanely thrilled and proud of my children. They are all succeeding in life. They are healthy, happy, and making their own ways.

That said, when you spend 25 years with your children as the center of your universe, the transition, though gradual as they left over the course of 6 years, kind of sucker punches you and you’re left with your spouse…har har.

img_2840Anyway, as a kid, whenever I was feeling sad, or blue, I always went for the water. If it was winter, I’d day dream about being at the lake. Perhaps this is why ALL my books are set near a lake, or have scenes at the lake. I’m obsessed with water. Its my happy place. I’ve always been able to give myself a few months enjoying the water. I’m lucky…very lucky…so for the next few months, this is the few from my office. The Ocean is just past this little stretch of water and I went there this morning to walk ¬†and watch the sun rise. As I was walking, I realized just how much more upbeat I had become over night. I felt more positive. Happy.

Its odd, because during the summer, at home, I’m very happy. My husband and I have lived in the same house since 1992 and have intention of moving anytime soon…just visiting places that allow me to be near my happy place and hubby to be near his…(the golf course, a different kind of beach!).

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