January 27 2018

A trip to Iceland and a Burning Kiss!

This week I traveled to Iceland with my daughter. What an epic trip! We saw all sorts of beautiful waterfalls and relaxed in hot springs, but the one thing she wanted to see was the Northern Lights, which aren’t always easy to find, even if they are out.

Lucky for us on night #2, while driving back from the Golden Circle we got a glimpse! At first, it was just a whitish stream across the sky. Oddly, when we took a picture, it showed GREEN! We were like fist pump, saw the Northern Lights.

The clouds began to shift and covered the lights, but we decided to keep driving, looking to see them one more time and OMG, did we see them. At first, again, just a white streak across the starry sky. Then, all of a sudden, the sky started to dance!

Here are some images.

I recommend a trip to Iceland. Amazing!

While in Iceland, the second book in the Fire Protection Specialists series in Susan Stokers Special Forces: Operation Alpha came out. The title is BURNING KISS. I hope you enjoy!

November 7 2017

Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World: Air Force Fire Protection Specialists

Happy Release day to me!

I’m so excited to be part of Susan Stoker’s Special Forces: Operation Alpha Kindle World.

I officially met Susan at RWA National while visiting with my good friend Desiree Holt. Susan and I chatted about Kindle Worlds, specifically what I had been writing and what her world is like. When I returned home, I contacted Susan and told her about an idea I had for a series about Air Force Fire Protection Specialists.  She loved the idea and I jumped in with two feet. Currently, there are five books plotted in this series, with a potential two more after that.

The idea for this series came to me as I was researching about Firefighters in general. I have a firefighter series based out of Dallas and working on one that will be set in the Adirondacks. While spending hours reading about the ins and outs of being a fireman, I came cross information on the Armed Forces and their unit of firefighters, specifically the Air Force and I thought to myself, this would fit Susan’s world.

We start off with the Crew Chief, Alec Charles Enders, A.K.A. Ace.

Ace is a quiet guy. Keeps to himself. He loves his job and he loves to fish. His passion for fighting fires came when his girlfriend and her family are killed in a house fire. Murdered, actually. Ace has being working with a former SEAL from his home town, keeping on eye on the drug cartel that killed his first love.

Ace has moved on. He ever married, only that turned out to be a disaster. He’s not looking to get into any relationship with any woman.

Until he meets Lexi Aberdeen.

Lexi left her life in Florida for the hustle and bustle of NYC. She also left to be with her boyfriend, who turned out to be less than what she expected.

So did her career.

She’s heading home to look over some paperwork for her mother on a man who wants to invest in the family marina. She also just quit her job, so she had some time on her hands. She’s not even at her mother’s house when her car is T-Boned and bursts into flames.

Lucky for her, Ace was driving right behind her.

I really had a lot of fun writing this book! I hope you enjoy!