Podcasts and the Personality Hacker

For Christmas, my husband gave me Beats Wireless Headphones along with a speaker for my office so I can listen to music while working or while cleaning, cooking, laundry, whatever. My daughter got me hooked on Podcasts, so the headphones come in handy while I’m wondering about the house.


Anyway, I found this fun Podcast/Blog called Personally Hacker. It’s all about Myers-Briggs and the different personality types. I’ve always been fascinated by how we perceive ourselves and others. I’ve taken the Myers-Briggs test and have always landed on INFJ. I took their test, which isn’t half as long, and once again, I landed on the INFJ. So, I decided to listen to their podcast on the INFJ personality type. Wow. Very interesting. Mostly because it gave me such insight into myself and why I fall back into what I think are old habits, or safety zones, protecting me from the big bad world. It also gave me insight into other people, especially those who don’t “get me”.

The other concept I liked from this blog/podcast is the Car Model. When I listened to them talk about this in Podcast, it really made sense with how we learn new information and make decisions. Check it out, then the following might make sense. I think as an INFJ my car model goes something like this:

Driver: Introverted iNtuition – “Perspectives”

Co-Pilot: Extroverted Thinking – “Harmony”

10 Year-Old: Introverted Thinking – “Accuracy”

3 Year-Old: Extraverted Sensing – “Sensation”

What really fascinated me was that in this model, our 10 year-old is also called our “Defensive State”. For me, based on this model, it’s so true!

Just one of many personal favorite topics! Feel free to discuss, comment, tell me your personality type, any thoughts. I’ll probably come back to this at a later date…


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      Jen Talty

      They are great templates for characterization, but they do tend to generalize and I find myself reading other personality types and seeing how some of their traits fit into my personality.

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