December 21 2017

A modern day Frankenstien with a romantic twist…

I get asked this a lot when people find out I’m a writer and my answer is always the same: from life, movies, books, television, the headlines.

The Idea for the Butterfly Murders came from a local story where funeral directors were selling body parts and I thought, what if someone was killing people for their transplanted organs. Kind of like a modern-day Frankenstein.

As a little girl, I was fascinated by Frankenstein, Dracula, and LOVED Alfred Hitchcock. Movies like the Birds and Rosemary’s baby were some of my all time favorites. As I grew older, I began to examine the darker side of human nature. I wanted to understand why or what could push someone over the edge and cause them to do something criminal. So, when I started writing The Butterfly Murders, I spent a fair amount of time focusing on the antagonist and the motivating factors that led them to kill, but I had to be careful because at the end of the day, the book is still a romance. The murders bring the hero and heroine back together and forces them to deal with their past while chasing a serial killer. I love reunion stories!

This book is also the first book I set in the city I live in: Rochester, NY.

I recently entered it in Kindle Scout and it’s currently “Hot and Trending”.

You can read an excerpt and nominate it for publication here!



December 18 2017

Deadlines, Smeadlines, Kindle Scout, and other crazy writerly stuff!

2018 is shaping up to be the craziest publishing schedule I’ve ever had. EVER. But I’m insanely excited to be spreading my wings.

Most of what is coming up are novella’s in Kindle Worlds, but I do have two full length novels coming out in 2018 and two proposals with traditional publishers…biting fingernails while I wait to hear back!

A few people have asked me why I’ve chosen to write in various Kindle Worlds, especially when my NY State Trooper Series did pretty josh darn well. Honestly, it started as an experiment and a challenge. I wanted to do something different and I fell in love with writing novellas around 30k words. I also fell in love with writing a series within a series.

My latest release, THE LAST FLIGHT, is the 3rd book in the SARICH BROTHERS series and boy was it fun to write. Ramey and Tequila are like no other characters I’ve written before and their romance is as high octane as their flying. The challenge I’v had with writing these short stories is keeping it focused on just the hero and heroine. In my Trooper Series, there are so many characters and I love having fun with their relationship with the hero and heroine, as well as the community. With the novellas, I’ve had to really keep the cast small.

That said, The Sarich brothers have such great banter and always have each others backs that helped me give the reader that community feeling I have in my other series.

I’ve got three novellas coming out in January! Yes. You heard that correctly. THE BLIND DATE, which is part of the PARANORMAL DATING AGENCY by Milly Taiden comes out January 9, 2018 and marks my first werewolf book! EVER. Something I never thought I’d be writing. But the story shaped up really nice.

Finally, I entered my novel THE BUTTERFLY MURDERS, in Kindle Scout. Please go read an excerpt and nominate my book for publication!

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