7th and last book in the NY State Trooper Series: WHEN A STRANGER CALLS #amwriting #amreading

The pre-order for WHEN A STRANGER CALLS is up for pre-order. The book comes out 25 July 2017. The day before my baby girl turns 26. Crazy.

This is the 7th book in the series and will be the last one. That said, there will be a novella shortly after that will bridge the State Trooper Series with a brand new series tentatively titled: LOVE IN THE ADIRONDACKS. So, set in the same area, but the hero/heroines won’t be Troopers. Not to say that some of my troopers won’t be making cameo appearances. These books will lean more on the contemporary side, but suspense will still be an element.

I got an interesting email from a fan who has read most of the Trooper Series (except the two new ones) and she wanted to know if I’d ever consider writing the children’s of the troopers, which is interesting because Andy, the ten year old boy in DARK WATER has an interesting history with his biological father being in jail for murdering his biological mother and attempted murder of him and his aunt. As I write this last book in the series, Andy is approaching adulthood. I’m letting the idea simmer.

What is it about water?

What is it about being near water that seems to make everything a little better?

I grew up on Lake George, spending all my summers there until I was 18. We did the camping thing…the waterskiing thing…the sailing thing…the fishing thing…the hiking thing…

The first summer I didn’t go to Lake George my husband (live in boyfriend then) and I bought our first boat together. We couldn’t afford furniture or a second car, but we bought the boat.

Years later, we raised our children on Owasco Lake in Central New York. It’s one of the Finger Lakes and we continued on with all the things…though sailing became jet skiing and hiking became kayaking and I stopped fishing all together (was never really my thing).

I loved going to the lake, perching myself on a lounge chair, and listening to the water gently lap agains the break wall. I’m truly at my happiest at the water.


Some people believe the Ocean has a calming effect on the brain. Many people return to the water (be it an ocean or a lake or a river) for a sense of clarity and creativity. Some people even find the pitter patter of the rain calming. I know I sometimes love the sound of the rain pelting against the windows.

Here is an interesting article about a group of Scientists discussing the ocean’s effect on the brain.

Personally, I totally buy into. The more I’m around the water…the more creative I am…and more importantly, the happier I feel.

Want to walk the beach!?