April 17 2017

Kindle Worlds: The Omega Team…Something new and different!

On June 15, 2017 I will be releasing a Novella in the Kindle World: The Omega Team. The world was created by Desiree Holt (a USA Today Bestseller) and I’m honored to be a part of the World.

I’m going to be doing a series inside the world: the SARICH BROTHERS series. The first story will be set in Jupiter, Florida on Jupiter Island. The title: The Lighthouse, comes from the Jupiter Lighthouse where a pivotal scene in the story takes place.

Our Hero, Logan Sarich, ex-military and now part of The Omega Team, returns to his hometown on an assignment to protect his high school sweetheart, Mia Vanderlin and her twin brother Markus, who are ethical hackers. During their last job for DANA Corp, a defense contractor, the hackers were hacked by an unknown source who is now threatening to kill the twins.

For me, the interesting thing about Mia and Logan is that they always knew their relationship would end the day they both went off to college. They weren’t in love and both had dreams. Logan wanted to be in the Major Leagues and Mia wanted her own cyber security business. So when they see each other, they are thrown a curve ball by the instant attraction and desire to pick up things right where they left off. I love reunion stories, but usually they are filed with anger, conflict, and unresolved issues. This is the first one where there is none of that…only they have a different set of issues…

You can find out more about the Omega Team on the Facebook page where you can learn about the world and other authors who write in the world, along with prizes and all sorts of other fun stuff!

Come Join us!

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