The Omega Team

A senseless post of pondering and musing about what if’s

We all look back over our lives and sometimes wonder what if?  I honestly try not to do this because one change in my past could take me to a place much worse than any place I’ve seen. Even the tiniest of change of something that might seem so inconsequential has the potential to change not only your surroundings, but the person you are and all the life lessons that brought you to this one place. As much as Time Travel fascinates me, and I LOVE watching time travel shows and movies, its such a mind fuck and going down that rabbit hole is a kind of hell I don’t want to do. I have to do it with my characters, I don’t need to do it with myself!

I think as we approach the end of the year, we think, shit, I should have done this, or I shouldn’t have done that. Did you know should is between shit and syphilis in the dictionary? So really, don’t should on yourself.

That said, as a writer, I spend most of time thinking about what if? Just about every book idea I’ve ever had started with some kind of a what if statement.

What if the woman you’re hired to find turns out to be working an undercover op in a human trafficking ring?

When I wrote that book, Her Last Hope, my hero could have walked away after he did what he’d been hired to do, but instead, he stayed to help the heroine AND he called on his brothers for help. Had he made a different decision, he might not have fallen in love and changed his life and who knows where he might have ended up. Maybe he would have been blissfully content with his life. Maybe not. His backstory, what brought him to working with the OMEGA TEAM, is all necessary as well. Had he not lost his first wife, he might not have ever joined the Army with his brother. Had his brother not pulled him into the OMEGA TEAM, he might not have ever met Leandra.

When I write, I toss a million what if’s at my characters. What if they get shot? What if someone kidnaps their kid? What if their beloved grandfather died? What if someone tried to rape them? What if were in a car accident? What if they were being stalked? What if they lost their job? Got caught stealing? Got arrested for doing something stupid? And sometimes all this happens in one book! LOL.

But that’s the point! All the things I toss at my characters, where they are forced to act, make a decision, are all the things in life that we deal with that bring us to this point in time.

Takle a look around. Where are you today as we near the end of 2017? Geez, since we hit the 21st century, I feel like I’m living in a futuristic world. I think that’s just because the book 1984 profoundly impacted me when I read it in a media class in HS in…you guessed it…1984.

But I’ve digressed.

Not even sure I know the point of this ramble other than its the end of one year, and the beginning of a new one.

The Omega Team: The Lighthouse….release day!

So excited to introduce my new series: THE SARICH BROTHERS, created in the Omega Team.

The Omega Team was created by Bestselling Author, Desiree Holt. I’m honored to be writing int this world about the 4 Sarich brothers, who join the Omega Team.

At 8pm tonight, I will be going live on Facebook, reading an excerpt.

I came up with the idea for this series while spending a few months in Jupiter, Florida. One of the first sight seeing things I did was climb the lighthouse. Beautiful view. The image on the cover is actually the Jupiter Lighthouse. The second thing I did was take a boat ride down Jupiter Sound with a tour guide and learned a lot about the houses on Jupiter Island and the history of the area.

One morning, while walking the beach and thinking about the story I’d create for the Omega Team, an idea hit me. I love reunion stories and thought how fun it would be to bring two people back together in this beautiful setting. I didn’t want it to be the kind of reunion story where the had bad blood, or broke up on bad terms. So, Logan and Mia became high school sweethearts who went their separate ways, both having dreams to chase…because they weren’t in love…or were they?

The big question I had to ask, was how do I get these two people together? Well, he’s ex-military, now working for the Omega Team and he’s been hired to protect Mia because her life is being threatened.

I had so much fun with Mia and Logan. Their chemistry is electrifying. They are fun and so at ease with each other from the beginning…but their is some history there…and of course, danger.

I hope you’ll pick up a copy at Amazon.