December 21 2017

A modern day Frankenstien with a romantic twist…

I get asked this a lot when people find out I’m a writer and my answer is always the same: from life, movies, books, television, the headlines.

The Idea for the Butterfly Murders came from a local story where funeral directors were selling body parts and I thought, what if someone was killing people for their transplanted organs. Kind of like a modern-day Frankenstein.

As a little girl, I was fascinated by Frankenstein, Dracula, and LOVED Alfred Hitchcock. Movies like the Birds and Rosemary’s baby were some of my all time favorites. As I grew older, I began to examine the darker side of human nature. I wanted to understand why or what could push someone over the edge and cause them to do something criminal. So, when I started writing The Butterfly Murders, I spent a fair amount of time focusing on the antagonist and the motivating factors that led them to kill, but I had to be careful because at the end of the day, the book is still a romance. The murders bring the hero and heroine back together and forces them to deal with their past while chasing a serial killer. I love reunion stories!

This book is also the first book I set in the city I live in: Rochester, NY.

I recently entered it in Kindle Scout and it’s currently “Hot and Trending”.

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May 8 2017

Murder, Mayhem, and Love. It’s all in day’s work!

MURDER IN PARADISE BAY is only .99 for the next few days, so grab it while it’s hot!

I love all the books I’ve written and adore all the characters, which is why I like to write series with a large and expanding community so that I can revisit the people I’ve created and catch up on what is happening in their lives. MURDER IN PARADISE BAY is the 4th book in the NY State Trooper Series and Stacey Sutten is one of the strongest female leads from the get go. She’s a very confidant young woman at twenty-five. Raised by a single dad, who had her at 17, she’s developed a very thick skin, a mouth like razor, and tenderness that is untouchable. I love her because her arch isn’t about gaining confidence, or strength, but giving it. Throughout the book, she has to give it to her father, the love of her life, even the people she works with. But her growth as a woman comes from learning how to lean on others and let them into her soul, especially Doug Tanner.

What I love about Doug is he’s humble man. Having been homeless until fifteen when Stacey’s father takes him in, has taught him the value of a kind heart and honest work. What is interesting about Doug is that he is 9 years younger than Stacey’s father, and 9 years older than Stacey. Even more interesting is that at 15 and throughout his young adult life, he’d been Jim’s (Stacey’s father) best friend and eventual business partner. Jim helped Doug go to college and become an architect. Jim felt strongly that he couldn’t bring a woman into their lives. He wanted to be a dedicated father and he focused all his attention on Stacey and his growing business…then Doug.

But as Stacey grew up, graduated from college, and became a State Trooper, a shift in relationships occur and while Doug will always be Jim’s business partner, its obvious to everyone that Doug and Stacey are destine to be together…even her father.

So, I came up with Doug, Stacey, and her father, Jim back in 2005. Really, not kidding. I wrote their story (though Stacey was a dance teacher, NOT), but the background was the same and Doug was accused of killing his late wife. But I knew the book/story wasn’t right, but these three characters wouldn’t leave me alone! So when I needed to introduce my next State Trooper in DEADLY SECRETS, all of a sudden, Stacey waltzed into the station house and blew my mind.

I love how writing works.

The story flew from my brain to my fingers, partly because I’ve lived with this people for like EVER!

Stacey will always hold a special place in my heart. She’s the only female trooper in the series and she’s one kick ass female! ¬†And Doug? Oy. All my hero’s have man crushes on him.

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Happy reading!