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I started a new series in the PHOENIX AGENCY KINDLE WORLD by Desiree Holt title THE RAVEN SISTERS. The first book was recently published and this is something a little different than what I normally write and required me to learn about Psychic abilities, a topic that has always interested me.

I thought it would be fun to have 4 sisters, each with a different ability. After reading up on a few different poets, I went with: Precognition, Remote Viewing, Psychic Healing, and Telepathic. I had a basic understand of what each ability entails, but I wanted to stretch things and create my own psychic world inside of the Kindle World Desiree created.

I sat down and watched a full season of CHARMED. I love that show and it got me thinking about the spirit world and good and evil. As a small child I always wanted to be a witch. I would daydream of the day that someone would come to me and tell me who I really was and how to tap into my powers.

I’m still waiting. LOL.

Anyway, I really liked the idea of the Charmed Ones and I wanted to do something similar, but hadn’t come up with anything until I started plotting out the series and which sister had what power. This is the only series I’ve ever written where they should be read in order.

THE LOST SISTER begins in Baltimore. I really LOVE writing about places I’ve been and I just recently moved my daughter to Baltimore and had a chance to explore the area! However, the action took us somewhere else. I hadn’t planned on taking the action to Lake George, and specifically a camp that I attended many years ago, but that is where I ended up.

I had expected the action to take place in Florida, but instead, when my hero, Brett Ratcliff, used his Remote Viewing ability to find the lost sister, he ended up on first lookout on Buck Mountain, behind Camp Chingachgook. Imagine my surprise! I literally stopped writing and went, huh? Now, I’d been recently reconnected with some old friends from camp and we’d been sharing stories, so the area was in the back of my mind.

I haven’t been back to Camp Chingachgook since 1984, so my visual memories are very different than the camp that exists today, I’m sure. But it was fun to visually walk though camp, seeing it they way my younger self did and incorporate it in my book.

The Lost sister

Please enjoy a short excerpt describing camp as I remember it.

He slowed his pace and soon he found himself standing on the ridge of a mountain overlooking a lake. He scanned the area, but didn’t see anything other than pretty greenery and a path.

He grabbed a long stick and headed down the trail. He heard the laughter of children running and playing. The faint sound of a tennis ball hitting the strings on a racket echoed between his ears. The roaring of an outboard engine tickled his senses. A rush of happiness edged its way into his body like a kid on a perpetual sugar high.

As he neared the bottom of the mountain, he saw wooden cabins nestled in the trees. A couple of young boys sat on a tree stump while others raced around, hurling insults at each other.

This wasn’t the right place.

“Did your sister ever attend summer camp?” He hated pulling himself even slightly from his view, but he had to understand why he’d been brought to this area.

“No. None of us did.”

He meandered his way through cabins and found himself on what appeared to be a fire-access dirt road. Girls ran by, laughing. A young boy, maybe fourteen, smashed a tether ball with his fist. The girl standing on the other side jumped, nailing it with the palm of her hand, sending it back around the pole in the other direction.

Over here. A faint voice echoed from far away.

Over where? He wondered as he continued through an open field, surrounded by cabins. Some older, some newer. His own memories of his days at Camp Quest filled his brain. He walked for what seemed like forever until he came to a small beach. Across from the beach was a house. In the house, he saw Savanah.

You need to come in person, the voice rattled inside his mind. Get out of my view and just view the area. Tell Hazel, because I know she’s with you, that I’m fine, but that nothing is as it appears to be. Before he could channel the connection, it broke.

Or maybe it was blocked.

Didn’t matter. He needed to find out exactly where he was and form a plan. He let the connection to Savanah fade into the background as he continued around the camp area. Cabins and kids everywhere. He noted a flag pole in the center of a field. He made his way there, passing small sailboats that looked more like bathtubs than something that could float effortlessly across the water. Two large, blue lifeguard towers stretched out into the crystal, blue waters.

Obviously, he was on a lake. But which one?

A sensation pulled him toward the road, where he walked for about three minutes until he came to a sign.

Lake George, New York.

Well, hell, he’d always wanted to go there.

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