February 15 2018

How We Write: World Building…witches, werewolves, oh my!

World building almost always gives me a headache, but it’s so much fun to watch it unfold.

I recently started the WITCHES AND WEREWOLVES series in Milly Taiden’s SASSY EVER AFTER Kindle World. My first novella, LADY SASS, kicks off the series.

In this world, I create a Royal Witch Coven. The series will follow the four sisters, who are all artists in some way, follow their dreams and in the process, find their mated werewolf. My wolves have predetermined soul-mates. This is known as fate.

Now, witches can alter fate with spells and whatnot, but they are forbidden to use black magic. They are not allowed to use it to harm another being or for their own personal betterment. They can cast protection spells, to keep them safe from those who seek them harm, but they can’t mess with fate.

So, what happens when someone breaks the rules?

Lady Sass deals with exactly that.

One Oscar-winning werewolf from the wrong side of the tracks
One princess witch actress
One make or break film
A romance so dangerous it has the potential to destroy everything



January 27 2018

A trip to Iceland and a Burning Kiss!

This week I traveled to Iceland with my daughter. What an epic trip! We saw all sorts of beautiful waterfalls and relaxed in hot springs, but the one thing she wanted to see was the Northern Lights, which aren’t always easy to find, even if they are out.

Lucky for us on night #2, while driving back from the Golden Circle we got a glimpse! At first, it was just a whitish stream across the sky. Oddly, when we took a picture, it showed GREEN! We were like fist pump, saw the Northern Lights.

The clouds began to shift and covered the lights, but we decided to keep driving, looking to see them one more time and OMG, did we see them. At first, again, just a white streak across the starry sky. Then, all of a sudden, the sky started to dance!

Here are some images.

I recommend a trip to Iceland. Amazing!

While in Iceland, the second book in the Fire Protection Specialists series in Susan Stokers Special Forces: Operation Alpha came out. The title is BURNING KISS. I hope you enjoy!